The career of the spanish artist actually based in Maimi, started when she participated for first time at the prestigious child chorus “Amichi Musicae” in Zaragoza, Spain. Since that moment, Aleksia discovered her talent for sing and from there, her artistic career has not stopped and even not continued to grow. Years later - when she got her age of majority- she moves to the Spain´s capital (Madrid) to musically  form at the Artist´s Academy of Jesús Yañez at the school CEV. Lately she continued her studies at the María´s Beltrán  sing and dance school, also in Madrid, and studied Dramatic Art at the Municipal School of Zaragoza.

At age of 21, she got her first contact with American land, traveling to U.S.A., specifically to Washington, D. C, where she took vocal sing classes with the famous vocal couch Miguel Manzo, been influenced for some music styles like R&B or soul. When she came back to Spain, she recorded her first disk professionally, that includes themes like “Sólo un sueño” and “Tus ojos”. Later, she changes radically and focus her career to the House and Dance music, working with producer Enzo Darren and Tony House, getting themes like “Alone tonight” and “Where  is the Love”.

Aleksia excels in many of the most famous music rooms from her native country (Spain) where she had done memorable direct perfomances like for example, at the Sala Multiusos (Zaragoza), Joy Slava (Madrid), Estudio 54 (Madrid), Sala Polana (Madrid), the summer Fest of Loca FM, Garoa Hall (Murcia), and performing with Henry Méndez at Toledo. Her international step was at the Casino Harrah, in Las Vegas.

Later, she launched one of the most successful singles until now in her career, “Te Muerdo la Vida” typecast song at the electrolatino style, -that for that time, just begun- been her video included at the 40 TV channel, and also included in more than 20 compilations at international mood like for example Miami Latino Mix Caribe 2015. Her next single “Stay with me” was edited by the record label Club 33.

In 2014 she starts her Asian tour for three months, specifically at Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), performing at important music rooms like Zouk, Movida, Sense, Gravity…

Finishing 2015 she began a promotion tour throughout America in countries line Mexico, U.S.A. and Ecuador, visiting the most important media at U.S.A, Universal Studios Hollywood, performing at the NBC Universal and Telemundo, Univision California (Valle Central) and at Miami Univision, Mega TV, América TeVe and Telemundo Channel 51. At Mexico, she went to the Gallery of Plaza de las Estrellas, where the Cultural Foundation, gave to her the award for her brilliant international career. Also this time, the Asociación Nacional de Radiodifusores de México, gave to her the gold microphone as the best female  revelation  performer 2015 in Mexico, Central America and U.S.A. At the Hipódromo de las Américas she assisted as honor godmother to gave the award to the winner at the main show.

Aleksia was interviewed by the most important newspapers in Mexico, in which we can mention El Universal, El Gráfico, Basta, El Sol de México, Amanecer and Uno Más Uno, as others. In this same tour she performed at the main tv channels like TV Azteca, at the important music show “Viva el show”, at Televisa, at many of their sets, also performed at the well known program “Soufflé” and others tv channels.

Aleksia also participated at many interviews at the principals radio stations like: Radiorama, Radio Fórmula, Ke Buena, W Radio 96.9, Imagen Radio, 40 Principales 101.7. In Ecuador she participated at the Teletón por la Vida 2015, in Guayaquil, been interviewed at the Radio Antena 3, 91.7, 90.5, Radio Disney and WQ.

In 2016, Aleksia is installed in Miami to continue her musical project and consolidate her career at the U.S.A. and Latin America. At firsts of 2017 the artist launched in a international mood, “Soltera” a new single that comes with a videoclip that positions her career in a successful way.

Recently she had been integrated as member of the academy of the Latin Grammy, been invited to the 17th ceremony in Las Vegas, going by the famous red carpet of the awards.